10 Tips to Ensure Your Food is Always Delicious

Posted on Jul 31 2015 - 3:07am by burntsalad

If you love cooking, whether it’s for yourself or for others, you want to make sure it always tastes great. The presentation is important, but taste is what matters most of all. There are a few golden rules you should stick to if you want your food to taste amazing. Try these 10 tips and see how you feel about your food afterwards:

Use the Right Herbs and Spices

Different herbs and spices go with different dishes, so make sure you’re clued up and you know what goes with what dish. Of course you can experiment if you like, but there are tried and tested herbs that go with foods every time. Mint and lamb for example, or potatoes and basil.

Don’t Over/Under Cook

There are some foods that you can cook to your liking, like steak. However, some foods you will need to be careful not to over or under cook. When it comes to pasta, you want it to be firm. Cooking for too long will mean it’s too soft. Make sure you know how long you’re supposed to be cooking the food for to avoid over or under cooking.

Only Use Fresh Ingredients

Fresh ingredients will always taste better, no matter what you’re cooking. Fresh herbs especially – dried herbs can hardly be detected in food. The fresher the vegetables, meat, and other things you cook with, the better you can expect your dish to turn out.

Invest in Quality Equipment

It isn’t all about the equipment you have, but it can certainly help. Dehumidifiers from www.bry-air.com can help when it comes to making things like sausages, and there are a ton of other things you can use too. There are timers, slow cookers, blenders, air fryers, and more!


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Don’t Make it Too Complicated

If you make a dish too complicated, you stand more of a chance of getting it wrong. Avoid making it too complicated and instead focus on keeping it simple but delicious.

Focus on Presentation

Although presentation doesn’t affect taste, it can subconsciously. If something looks good, we’re going to assume it tastes good too. People eat with their eyes as much as their mouths, so make it look good too.

Store Food Properly

Make sure you store your ingredients properly, and any leftovers that you have. Make sure you know whether they should be refrigerated, kept in the cupboard or frozen.

Never Try a New Recipe or Ingredient Together

If you’re cooking for an important occasion, don’t try a new recipe or ingredient together at the same time. This can result in disaster!

Read Recipes Properly Before You Start

So many people don’t read recipes properly before cooking and then wonder why it’s all gone wrong. Make sure you read then re-read a recipe.

Taste it as You Go Along

There’s nothing wrong with tasting a dish as you go along! Just don’t get overzealous when it comes to adding herbs and spices!

Use these tips and your food will always be a great success!

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