5 Pieces of Clothing That Every Man Should Own

Posted on Oct 21 2014 - 1:26pm by burningsalad

Tailored 2 Button SuitAlthough the majority of posts on Burning Salad concern the trials and tribulations I experience on my journey to culinary perfection, my husband and some of his friends tasked me with writing a post aimed squarely at my male readers.  After thinking long and hard about it at the local coffee shop, while watching the people go walking by outside, I thought it was important to talk about the pieces of clothing that all men should own.

The reason I chose this subject was a result of chatting to two of my male cousins and I made a passing remark about how smart one of them would look wearing a 2 button tailored suit for a family wedding and he said it would be his first time wearing one as he didn’t own any suits!  I was really shocked and that’s why I’ve put a failsafe list of clothes that men should have in their wardrobe.

Tailored 2 Button Suit

As mentioned above, a 2 button tailored suit is a piece of clothing that all men should, particularly those who work in an office.  InStichu make extremely versatile and smart suits that can be worn on any occasion whether it’s day to day in the office and at business meetings or for social gathering such as weddings.


While it is true that women have a greater love for shoes than men, there is at least one type of shoe that every male of the species should own – brogues.  The best way to find the perfect pair of shoes gentlemen is to look for a pair that are versatile enough to match well with a number of different dress styles and are made by a reputable brand from top notch materials.  Check out Esquire’s list of the best brogues available this autumn here.

A Good Quality Winter Coat

It is important, no it is essential that all men own a winter coat, especially for when you venture outdoors during the cold, winter months.  I would recommend looking at 3 button, 3 ¼ length wool overcoats that will not only keep the cold at bay, but make you stand out from the crowd as the smart and sophisticated gentleman you want to be.

Sports Jacket

A sports jacket is something that all men should own because they are one of the most robust and long-lasting things you will ever spend money on.  I would suggest looking at a wool-cashmere herring bone mix single breasted jacket in charcoal grey.

Cotton Trousers in Various Colours

Another versatile piece of clothing that will give you a wide variety of choices when it comes to looks is cotton trousers.  There is no reason why you should stick to the usual black, navy and beige range of colours.  Acceptable colours that are eye-catching for the right reasons include burgundy, emerald green and blood red.  The Telegraph posted this cracking guide to buying trousers.

That’s not to say that this list is finite, it is more a starting point to work from.  If you are still trying to find your definitive look, you need to get out there and try different clothes on and see what feels comfortable on and looks great.

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