8 Things Every Good Cook Should Have in their Cupboards

Posted on Jul 6 2015 - 3:08am by burntsalad

Being a good cook isn’t all about getting your timings right and knowing what works best on the plate. You also need to ensure you have a fully stocked cupboard of all the essentials you might need. That way, when it comes to rustling something up in a hurry, you’ll always be prepared. If you want to be an awesome cook then here are eight things you should always have in your cupboards.

  1. Spices

We’re not just talking the basics. Every good cook should have a spice rack filled with the most weird and wonderful spices. Play around with them in your cooking and find out what works with certain dishes. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference a little bit of spice can add to a normally boring meal.


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  1. Herbs

Yet another one that may seem completely obvious, but it is an essential. Again, go for herbs that are a little out of the ordinary. Most packets of herbs will tell you what they work well with. Such as chicken, fish, red meat, and so on. You may also want to consider starting your own herb garden, so you’ll always have a fresh supply.

  1. Olive Oil

Although it’s good to stock up on all sorts of different oils, olive oil wins the top spot in our books. The fatty content of this oil may put you off, but it’s all good fats. You should have a couple of different types in your cupboard. One for dressings and one for cooking. Most good cooks get through their olive oil like water!

  1. Wine

Even the tiniest addition of wine can completely transform a meal. We’re not just talking about drinking it with your dinner, either! Buy Italian wine to create stunning pasta dishes. Opt for deep reds that work well with meat. You can create a sauce from wine alone if you’re feeling fancy. Alternatively, just add a drop to give your meal a kick.


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  1. Flour

A good cook should have plenty of different types of flour in their store cupboard. You need flour that’s suitable for baking cakes. You need flour that can be added to thicken up sauces. You need flour for practically everything in the cooking world! Make sure you have a nice mixture of different types.

  1. Tinned Tomatoes

What can you not rustle up with tinned tomatoes? Pasta sauces, chilli con carne, curries. The list is endless! Your supply of tinned tomatoes should also be endless. You can even make your own if you grow tomatoes in your garden. They’re a lot better for you too.

  1. Grains

Every good cook should have a healthy supply of grains in their cupboard. Pasta, rice, couscous and quinoa to name a few. You’ll be surprised at how much you can do with a little time and imagination. It doesn’t just have to be bolognese every night!

  1. Stock Cubes

You can use stock cubes for practically everything in cooking. Add them to soups and sauces for more flavour. Use them to make a jus or gravy. Make sure you have plenty of stock cubes in a wide range of flavours.

Do you have all of these 8 things in your cupboards? If not, time to hit the shops and stock up!


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