Butchers Could Increase Profits Overnight With These Tips

Posted on Oct 7 2015 - 1:47am by burntsalad

It’s a shame to see so many butchers disappearing from our high streets in recent times. The main reason for that relates to lower prices offered by supermarkets. However, it would be possible for most of them to survive the storm if they moved with the times. The ideas on this page would help any small butchers business to stay afloat regardless of their higher prices. The basic rule of thumb is that they need to try new ideas and join the digital age. None of the suggestions on this page are complicated, and they shouldn’t break the bank.

Offer cooked food

Some of the most successful butchers around today offer cooked food to their customers. It doesn’t take much effort to keep some pulled pork in the oven during working hours. Selling cheap sandwiches could be the gimmick you need. You already have all the meat, and so there is nothing standing in your way. You could also do the same with chickens. Most people buy them cooked these days to save time at the weekend. Invest in a good chicken rotisserie oven, and you can’t lose. It might mean you have to open your doors on Sunday’s, but it’s worth it to create more profit.


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Advertise online

Very few butchers run social media pages and websites. However, they seem to be missing a trick. Some successful restaurants get a lot of custom from posting images of their food. You could do the same thing. All you need is a decent camera and an internet connection. Post information about meat deals and anything your customers might find interesting. Try to personalize your business by asking questions and engaging with your audience. That is the best way to get more attention.

Contact local pubs and restaurants

A lot of pubs and restaurants like to use local produce. So, you might be missing out if you don’t win their contracts. Make a point of finding the contact details for every relevant business in your area. You can then get in touch and find out about their requirements. Providing meat to commercial businesses will mean you make a lot of money without increasing footfall. Indeed, you can sort most of the meat out in the morning before you open your doors. It won’t affect the rest of your business, but it will keep your bank manager happy.

At least one of those ideas should seem appealing to you. When all’s said and done, you don’t want to end up working at a chain supermarket. Owning a business is the only way you can feel proud of your achievements. Also, keeping your company afloat will help to ensure your local area remains vibrant. Most consumers would prefer to purchase from a small business. The only problem is they are dropping like flies. Plan ahead, try new ideas, and remain flexible. That is the best way to succeed in the modern business world. Failure to take advice from this page will mean your profits continue to decrease. Nobody wants that.


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