Dieting Tips that Might Actually Work

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Losing weight is something that in principle is relatively easy, but a lot harder to put into practice. We are going to discuss some great tips for losing weight effectively. Really, the main key to losing weight sustainably though, is to do two things, and just two things – exercise regularly, daily even and eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Anyway, in with the tips.

Eat Proper Meals, Avoid Snacking

Although there is a lot of information out there about eating in smaller doses, to balance out the blood sugar levels. However, recent thoughts on the subject and studies have found that if people who eat larger, less frequent meals weighed less than the constant grazers. This is because you burn a greater number of calories when your body must process a larger meal than those tiny ones.

So, have three square meals a day and don’t skip on any of them.

Choose Healthy Whole Grains

This is not something that is particularly new, because health nuts have been shouting about whole grains and their excellence for a healthy diet for decades. There is a correlation between people who include them in their diet being slimmer than those who don’t though. Why is that? It is because their hardy carbs take a lot more energy to be broken down successfully. The fibre found in them also traps a percentage of the calories too, meaning they are out of your body before you even had a chance to absorb them and store them as fat.

Sleep in a Colder Room

To understand how this works, we know a few of you just shivered dreading the heading, you need to understand that human beings have two forms of body fat, brown, the stuff that burns and white, the stuff that is stored as energy. It has been discovered that the ambient temperature in a room can influence which of these wins. It was found that the cooler temperatures encourage the brown fat to become more active. so, you know what to do, don’t you?

Don’t Always Clear Your Plate

Although that one sentence there would be enough to enrage most of our parents and grandparents, because we come from a generation that was told you wouldn’t get pudding if you didn’t finish your meal, it could be that our parents and grandparents were wrong.

Rather than eating using your eyes, you need to listen to your body and if it feels satisfied or not. The reasoning is that when you don’t pay attention to your body and are ruled by what your eyes desire, you end up eating, more often than not, more than you actually really needed.

There is a line of thought that might be worth trying that suggests leaving around 10% of every meal still on your plate. Those couple of bites here and there could make all the difference and result in savings of 200 calories every day. For further help with dieting why not contact

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