Eggs star in funny bingo video

Posted on Jul 11 2014 - 8:25am by burn

For those of you who love food as much as us, check out this great bingo video which uses eggs as its star: 

An obvious option for those looking to represent a dozen items, this clip is actually part of an ongoing campaign to teach individuals about the art of bingo calls. There is actually a unique bingo call for each number used in the game – that’s numbers 01 to 90 – and these videos are hoping to help you learn them all.

For the clip above (number 72: six dozen) the simple prop of eggs is used and you’ll see them pop up in many of the other bingo videos published on YouTube as part of the campaign.

The campaign has been organised by Costa Bingo but the videos were actually filmed by people like you and me so there is no corporate image of fancy editing – just simple videos that tell us what we need to know.

For more information on bingo or to see what else Costa Bingo are up to, take a look at their website

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