Fresh Fruit from the Sicoly Cooperative? Yes, Please!

Posted on Jan 12 2019 - 9:21pm by admin

When it comes to fruit, my family always prefers fresh, organic options. It’s more than health consciousness; we love the juicy, natural taste.

Of course, as a cook, I love to use fruit for baking, purees and for scrumptious juices and smoothies. Creativity is really the limit for my use of fruits.

So today I wanted to introduce a delicious cooperative for your fruit needs: Sicoly.

What is Sicoly?

The Sicoly cooperative exists since 1962 and is made up of over 150 member producers who harvest and cultivate the most delicious, fresh fruit.

They harvest over 10,000 tons of fruit on 570 hectares of orchards every single year.

Their fruit is so popular, that it’s used across France by restaurants, ice-cream producers, supermarkets and bakers. It’s even shipped internationally!

Why is Sicoly a better alternative?

I care a lot for the environment and how it’s damaged by irresponsible farming, particularly by massive corporations who prioritize the bottom dollar on the short term.

So I always prefer an environmentally-conscious alternative that cares for the fauna and flora in the region and does what it can to protect it.

Sicoly controls pests by introducing natural predators and pheromones, as opposed to using strong and harmful chemicals.

Their producers are supported with training of regulatory requirements, as well as applying the best agricultural practices that keeps the farm healthy and profitable.

Plus, there’s the fact that you are buying from family-run farms, which always beats buying from the faceless mega-corporations.

What are Sicoly’s specialties?

As a baker, I absolutely love frozen fruit puree and all the scrumptious goodies I can create with it.

I use them for a variety of recipes like pies, cakes, crepes, mousse and many other baked desserts. I even use them for home-made ice cream and smoothies!

Of course, their fresh fruits are a huge hit. They are always sweet, fresh and taste as good as they look. We eat those raw and I often use them for dessert recipes as well.

Their iqf fruit are also very handy! If you’re unfamiliar with the term, IQF stands for ‘individually quick frozen’ fruits, which means they are available all year round.

The fast freezing doesn’t damage cells and tissue fibers so their taste, texture and flavor remain intact.

Plus, all the fruits in the bag are separate from each other, so they’re not clumped and frozen together, which makes it very easy to store and use the fruit long-term.

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