Health And Fitness Essentials Explained

Posted on Dec 13 2014 - 6:56am by burntsalad

In the last year, you have probably experienced some wild weather, wild finances and wild changes to your internet habits. It has certainly been a year of ups and downs. Most things change at least once in a while but for some reason things seem to have changed a lot in most areas of our lives. One change that might be giving you cause for concern is your weight.

Our health and fitness are everything to us. If we are not healthy, we cannot stay fit. Without our fitness, we are not likely to stay healthy for very long either. These two crucial things affect everything in our lives. Most outwardly, they affect our size and shape, and what we can wear. How we look is greatly determined by our health and fitness. Inside, our emotional and mental well-being can also be affected.

If we are not fit and healthy, we may suffer from sleep disorders that can very quickly lead to mental disorders. This will affect our ability to work and look after our kids. We won’t be able to focus or cope emotionally with all that life throws at us. If you are concerned about your health and fitness, there are some things you can do yourself at home to check how you are doing.

You may want to use a calculator for checking body mass index first to determine if you are the right weight for your height. You could also try a caliper test at your local gym to see if you have the right proportion of fat on your body. The gym is a great place to find out if you are physically fit and strong. At home, you can use the stairs for a simple test. Walking briskly up and down one flight three times should elevate your heart rate and breathing rate a little, and possibly add color to your cheeks. If you had to stop or your legs are wobbly and achy after that, it may be that you are not fit enough at the moment. Check with your doctor.

With no physical impairments, you should feel comfortable walking for two miles. You should also be able to bend and use all of your joints and muscle groups without pain or discomfort. Strength is an important part of our overall fitness. We want to be able to lift up the kids for cuddles and play. Eating the right amount of protein is key to muscle strength. If you are extreme dieting, you can feel weak and fatigued. Dietary supplements may also cause unwanted side effects if they are not taken in the right circumstances.


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Good food is essential to a good body full of health and vitality. If your diet has lacked in home-cooked goodness lately, you need to address this quickly. Make time each day to have a good meal. You may want to batch cook and freeze portions on the weekend for reheating in the busy week. Find some great recipes that you would love to try again and again.

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