How To Have An Easy Summer Barbecue Party

Posted on May 22 2015 - 5:26am by burntsalad

Now the summer appears to be on its way it’s time to pull the barbecue out of the garage and give it a good clean. I love having people over to eat, even though I worry I might have a disaster with the cooking! Barbecues are a great way to socialise and cook at the same time, and you can often make an entire afternoon and evening out of it. Of course, preparing marinades, and buying the right type of meat for the barbecue isn’t my strong point. So I did a little research into preparing for the ultimate garden party.

Some say frozen foods are a disaster waiting to happen if you barbecue them. Others say everything should be cooked thoroughly in the kitchen first. Then it gets ‘flavoured’ by the barbecue for a few minutes. For me, I would prefer to have something ready to be flame grilled over the BBQ, so I have less chance to mess it up! If you want to marinade, it involves handling raw meats and keeping them hygienic and protected overnight. It’s worth the trouble for the flavour, but might be a little more work than you were hoping for.


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I’ve noticed that lots of supermarkets are stocking barbecue packs. You just bung them in the oven for twenty minutes, and they’re ready. Even if you finish them off on the barbecue, I’m not sure all of them taste quite as authentic as a barbecue meal should taste. When I’m entertaining, I want everything to be easy, but I don’t want to be serving food nobody likes very much. So how can I get great tasting barbecue food made easy?


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You can find companies like EZB BBQ Catering & Wholesale to deliver you everything you need for a great barbecue. It doesn’t really get any easier than that, but I do like to get involved with the food as well. I have found some great tips and ideas for preparing salads (not burnt) and fruits to go with the barbecue. There are also some pretty awesome desserts that can withstand a hot summer’s day too. Who knew jelly could be so versatile? It’s quite refreshing when you’re hot and bothered too.

Another essential for my easy barbecue is the punch or cocktails. If there are kids about, I keep the soft version to hand and pop the alcoholic one in the fridge to be served out of their way. Both contain fresh lemon and fresh orange slices. There is plenty of lime juice too. Then throw in orange juice, cranberry juice, lemonade and a whole lot of ice. The alcoholic one can contain rum or vodka, but sparkling wine works really well.

Finger nibbles are a barbecue staple, but I’m a bit bored with those processed packet snacks from the supermarket. Instead, try baking your own little savoury biscuits. They’re not too tricky, and you can enhance the flavour with hints of chive, chilly and salt. Why not have a go at baking your own baps for the burgers? Use a bread making machine for the dough, or have a go at kneading. Enjoy a full-flavoured barbecue party this summer.

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