How to Take Exquisite Photos of Your Food Delicacy

Posted on Sep 22 2015 - 12:58pm by admin

What you eat should not be something you have to save only for yourself; you should be looking into sharing it with the world as well. However, taking a good picture requires some practice, and you will have to know a thing or two about how to align everything. Nevertheless, with patience and time, you will become better and better at showing everyone the exquisite delicacies you order.

Be quick about taking your photo

Food looks good only for a little while, and if you want to show everyone how good it really is, you will have to be really quick about snapping a picture. Furthermore, avoid making it prettier or trying to align it into a better position. If you want a truly good picture, make sure that you find a good angle, and that you focus on your food, because soon enough, it will lose its initial appeal.

Take a picture from the top

The angles might be all wrong, and you could end up having a hard time finding a good one to take a great photo, which is why you should look into the top down method. It will allow you take great pictures, and they will look amazing. Moreover, you will have a decent amount of creativity to work with, but remember not to take too long or your food might get cold.


Adjust the lighting for your next shot

Using the lights and setting up everything so that it looks like it has natural lighting is essential, otherwise, you will have a bad quality photo, and you will have to enhance it a lot later on. It is a lot easier to have everything set up beforehand, so that you do not have to work with your photo in an editing program. After all, being able to take the picture, uploading it, and posting it are your main goals. But, remember that there will be a lot of discarded photos until you get there.

Look for inspiration everywhere

Sometimes it is just too hard to get inspired, and you will have to look around for a proper stimulus, which is why you should check out stock photos as well. They might seem like the blunt default of taking photos, but they can help you out in a pinch, and they can give you a great idea on how to take your next picture. Though, remember to always take an idea further, and to work on it, so that it can be even better.  By improving your images, they will be worth sharing with other photographers as well.


More than just food art

Taking pictures of your food should be more than just showing everyone what you are eating. It will require some thought, and you will have to make sure that you understand the basics of photography, so that your shots will look great.

Furthermore, your pictures should tell a story, and you should focus on taking it in a way that will transfer what you felt when you first laid eyes on your delicacy. However, do not fiddle too much with it, as you will ruin the initial feel of the whole picture. Over-doing it might ruin the shot as well, try to be as natural as possible, so that the results are amazing.

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