Make Cooking Easier With These Tips And Tricks

Posted on Jun 23 2015 - 2:50am by burntsalad

I might be a lot more confident in the kitchen than I used to be, but from time to time I still have my little cooking disasters. What I have noticed is that whenever I have a cooking problem, it always tends to be when I am rushed or stressed out.

Cooking requires concentration and precision, so when I am unable to give it my full attention, it’s no wonder things go wrong. I know I am not alone in this, so many people think that they can’t cook. However, that’s only because when they give cooking a try, they end up stressed out.


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With cooking, the more you panic and stress, the more things start to go wrong. The key to being a good cook is aiming always to stay as calm and cool in the kitchen as possible.

If you struggle to cook and often end up feeling stressed, you are in the right place. I know the feeling all too well, that’s why I want to help. What I have found over the years, is that the easier you make cooking, the less stressful it is.

To help you make cooking easier and less stressful, I have put together a guide to all the best cooking tips and tricks, below:

Prepare before cooking

Don’t make the mistake of diving in and starting to cook without doing a bit of prep first. You will find it much easier, and a lot less stressful, to cook when you have done some prep in advance.

Before starting to cook, get to grips with the recipe you will be following. Get out all the ingredients and equipment you will need so that you have everything you need within reach.

Make prepping easy

For many people, the hardest part of cooking is preparing all the vegetables and herbs for the dish. You see, when you first start cooking, you are slow at preparing foods, it takes you a long time to cut and prepare ingredients for your dish.

I know all too well how irritating this can be, which is why I would recommend investing in some prepping technology.  Why spend 10 minutes peeling, slicing and dicing vegetables when you can get a machine to do that in five seconds for you?

If you can afford it, invest in a vegetable peeler and slicer immediately. If you struggle to peel garlic like I do, it’s also worth investing in a garlic peeling machine like the Garlic Shaker. How Garlic Shaker works is simple; you put cloves of garlic in, shake the machine, and then out pop the perfectly peeled cloves.

Clean up as you go

For many people, myself included, one of the things that causes me to become stressed in the kitchen is mess. If I can see peelings and rubbish scattered around, I instantly feel more stressed out.

That’s why I always ensure that I clean up after myself as I go, so that I am left with a clean kitchen to cook in. My top tip for this would be to keep a rubbish bowl on the side that can be used to toss all peelings and rubbish in.

Cooking can be tricky to get the hang of, but preserve and within a few short weeks you will see big improvements. The key to cooking success is making things as easy and stress-free as possible, which you can do by following these tips and tricks.


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