Recipes I Want To Try Inspired By High End Restaurants

Posted on Jun 2 2015 - 4:40am by burntsalad

I love food, but then again – who doesn’t?! It’s exciting getting to try a new dish you’ve never seen before. Cooking can be an art too. The best chefs know how to make their food look great. At some restaurants, it’s like seeing a performance. Anyway, here are a few recipes I’ve heard of and always wanted to try. At home or in a restaurant!

Vine Leaf Dishes

At good restaurants, you’ll often see starters made from various things wrapped in vine leaves. You’ll often see this in Greek cooking, but it’s popular with many cuisines. Eating leaves doesn’t sound that appealing but trust me they are yummy.

Vine leaves are big enough so that you can fill them with tasty ingredients such as meat, cheese and veg. I like these because you can get creative with them. They look like a 5-star starter no matter how bad your cooking skills are!

Saffron Dishes



Saffron is a luxury ingredient so you’ll only find it in the best restaurants. It’s one of the most expensive spices in the world! It’s not too challenging to get hold of for home cooking, but it can be costly. The excellent thing about saffron is that you only need a small amount to cook with in most dishes.

If I were cooking with Saffron at home, I’d use a little in a fish dish to give it that added bit of luxury. It’s a perfect combination! You can also add a little saffron to rice to bring the flavour out. It’s not something you should add to every meal, but it’s worth an experiment.

Truffle Dishes

Truffles are an acquired taste. I’ve heard they have quite strong taste and smell so they are something you might need to try them a few times! Even so, it’s something I’d like to give a chance.

You can cook with different types of truffles, white truffles being the most expensive. It’s much easier to find truffle oil than it is to find fresh truffles. That doesn’t matter though. I’ve heard black or white truffle oil can be an excellent addition to any dish. Some high-end restaurants that serve chips will cook them with truffle oil. You can’t go too wrong with chips, so I’m willing to try that!

Gold Leaf Dishes

Now I couldn’t take about luxury dishes without mentioning gold leaf. Many top restaurants will garnish dishes with edible gold leaves for beautiful effects. Of course, it can be expensive. But if you’re throwing a party and want to impress, you can wrap almost anything in gold leaf! It’s delicate, so you do have to be careful when you use it. If you can’t afford real gold leaf, you can cheat and use something like gold sugar.

Gold leaf is relatively tasteless, so I wouldn’t make a whole meal out of it. Not to mention it’s pricey! But I do think I’d use gold for a loved one’s birthday it’d be a cute decoration for a small cake. You could decorate cupcakes or cake pops with flakes of gold leaf. It would be a birthday to remember. Maybe I should ask someone to make me some!


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