Simple Kitchen Tools That Can Make a Big Difference

Posted on Apr 13 2015 - 2:37am by burntsalad

There are all kinds of fancy kitchen gadgets you can use to make your life easier. But with all the complicated mixers, blenders, cupcake makers and more available, we sometimes forget about the simple things. Sometimes the tools and gadgets that make our lives in the kitchen easier are deceptively uncomplicated items that make a significant difference. Instead of fryers that make chips with only a teaspoon of oil and mixers that are also food processors and juicers, all it takes is an egg poaching pouch to make some of us happy. If all that technology is too much, here are some simpler kitchen gadgets and tools to help you out.

Egg Poachers

Sometimes the best things are the simplest things. If you love poached eggs but you struggle to get them right, you need a tool to help you out. Many of them come as silicone pouches that you put your egg in, and then just place into boiling water. There’s no complicated swirling of the water or adding vinegar. You can also buy special egg poaching pans that you drop the egg straight into, but you might find you get less desirable results.




For some people, chopping vegetables and other ingredients is therapeutic. But others hate it and would rather be doing anything else. However, buying prepared vegetables is more expensive and can also be wasteful as they don’t stay fresh for as long. The solution is to buy a mandolin or a chopping set. Using these tools, you can quickly and evenly chop up your vegetables, from carrots to potatoes. Watch your fingers though!

Water Filters

A lot of people complain that they don’t like the taste of water, and often this is because of the quality of their tap water. If you want clear and fresh water, a filter in your kitchen is essential. But if you want to be sure that your water doesn’t have anything in it that you don’t want, you need something more substantial than an ordinary kitchen filter. If you look at the best blog about the Berkey water filter, you can see an example of a filter that removes all unwanted substances. These more robust water filters will ensure that your drinking water is clean and healthy to drink.

Clever Graters

If you’ve tried to grate anything from cheese to carrots and found that you’re getting it everywhere, you need a grater with a catcher. These graters have containers attached, so you can grate straight into them with no mess. Some also have marks so you can see how much you’re grating and whether it’s enough for your purposes.

Colour Co-ordinated Chopping Boards

Staying clean in the kitchen is essential to avoid food poisoning. One of the most important things is preventing cross-contamination. This is where bacteria cross between different foods. You should use separate chopping boards for meat, vegetables, etc. To help you keep everything straight, get some colour co-ordinated boards, with one colour for each food type.

You don’t have to get too complicated if you want to make working in the kitchen easier. Forget all the fancy gadgets and employ some basic but useful tools.


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