Startup Idea: Open Your Own Kosher Restaurant! Here’s How

Posted on Jan 20 2015 - 2:28am by burntsalad

It’s no secret that there is a plethora of different restaurants in the world. From Indian cuisines to Italian-style pizzas, you are bound to find an eatery to satisfy your appetite!

But did you know that, in some areas, it is difficult to find certain types of cuisine? One of those is kosher restaurants. Are you considering opening a restaurant soon? If so, I recommend that you give your consideration to this niche yet lucrative market.

Today’s startup idea will show you how to open a kosher restaurant in your local area. By following this guide, you will know more about this growing market and help to promote this popular niche where you are.


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Is opening a kosher restaurant in your area a good idea?

In the United States, kosher food is a $9 billion dollar industry. As you can imagine, there are lots of people that wish to dine in a kosher restaurant. Before you start putting the plans in motion to open such an establishment, there are a few things you need to think about first.

For example, how much demand will there be for a kosher restaurant? If you plan to open a restaurant in an area with little demand, you won’t make a lot of profit. That’s why it is important you do a lot of prior research first.

One of the obvious ways to do that is to determine what ethnic groups make up your local area. Another is to see just how diverse restaurant cuisines are where you want to set up.

Even if you have no direct competition, it is still worth finding out how likely you are to get visitors from neighboring areas. Patrons will have no issue driving to the next town for dinner. As long as they know they’re going to get a first-class service from a kosher restaurant.

Kosher food is for everyone

Some people wrongly assume that food, which has kosher certification, is only aimed at a minority of customers.

The truth is; kosher food is for everyone! It might surprise you to learn that a lot of Muslims like to eat some kosher foods too. That is because some halal and kosher foods get prepared in similar ways.

Learn everything there is to know about kosher food

Both the staff you hire and yourself need to know all there is to know about kosher food. It’s a well-known fact diners exhibit above-average loyalty to their chosen kosher restaurants.

But that will only happen if everyone at your restaurant knows their stuff! Customers also expect to see familiar faces working there. As you can imagine, hiring only the best staff for your restaurant is a top priority.

Strive for perfection

Customer service isn’t the only thing you need to get right 100% of the time! Health and safety, hygiene and menu diversity are just some of the other things you need to be great at too!

Once you have all those key ingredients, your new kosher restaurant will be a roaring success!


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