The Ultimate Guide To The Most Essential Kitchen Gadgets

Posted on Apr 1 2015 - 5:56am by burntsalad

As we become more enthusiastic in the kitchen, we can be a little bit excited when it comes to our kitchen gadgets. Cooking can be great fun, and tools and appliances to help make it quicker and easier are certainly the best gifts to receive right now. The trouble is there are so many. All of us have fallen foul to the attic full of gadgets we only used once. To avoid waste, we give you the definitive list of must-have electrical appliances for your cooking passion:

Mixer – A good quality mixer that lives permanently on your kitchen worktop is essential. A powerful stand mixer will mix up all the different doughs you use, including bread mixes, and can even whip up your egg whites. This all in one beauty is exactly what any budding baker needs to ensure every ingredient is mixed into the right consistency. The best thing about it is the size. Because it is larger, it is much easier to get clean again.


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Soup Kettle These little-known gems are starting to make very big waves. They are almost portable enough for you take into the office and use there! At about the same size as an electric kettle, they mix up all the fresh veg and other ingredients before cooking it up into a delicious soup. Fresh soup straight from this jug is gorgeous, and it is a great way to use up leftover veg and eat healthily too. To have a delicious soup from this every lunchtime certainly is a lovely way to get through a cold winter. Quite easy to clean too.

Hand Blitzer – These little devices are perfect if you have a weaning baby because you can whizz up the food the rest of the family are eating into a puree just right for your little one. You can smooth out lumpy soups for yourself, or add the whisk attachment for a gorgeous mousse. Blend up smoothies in the cup, or just give that egg an extra beat for the omelette. Highly versatile, and small enough to fit in the cutlery draw. Ideal.

Toaster – Save yourself the hassle of cleaning up the grill and get yourself an electric toaster. If you buy a four slice one, all the family can enjoy hot toast in the morning. You can break up the toasted bread to make croutons in just a few minutes. You can use the toaster for crumpets, teacakes and savoury muffins as well. Far more versatile than you give credit for, a toaster can warm anything that is bread-like in just a couple of minutes.

Digital Scales – Essential for weighing out ingredients. Use a flat base one so you can put your cereal bowl on it to weigh each portion out at breakfast. Having scales that work with any dish you use means you can accurately weigh out correct portion sizes to help with weight loss. Accurate measurements of ingredients is essential if you are to get your baking and cooking right too. Happy eating.

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