Top 5 Low Cholesterol Recipes

Posted on Jul 3 2015 - 3:30pm by burningsalad


Many of us are trying to cut down our cholesterol levels, and sometimes it’s feels like a lot of hard work: less smoking, less drinking, more exercise, and more boring food. But it doesn’t have to be this way! If you are trying to lower your cholesterol there’s actually a lot of delicious food you can eat which will also be better for your health. The key is to swap saturated for unsaturated fat and eat more of those foods that contain special cholesterol lowering substances. To make things easy we’ve put together our top five low cholesterol recipes to help you on your way. If these get your taste buds going, you can find more great low cholesterol recipes on the web!

  1. Salmon with fresh veg and new potatoes: Salmon is a great option for those trying to lower their cholesterol. Unlike red meats such as burgers, mince or sausages, it is high in unsaturated or so-called ‘good’ fat. A diet which replaces ‘bad’ fats with this type will lower cholesterol over time. Drizzle some pesto over the salmon for extra flavour and pair up with your favourite veg and potatoes for a great mid-week treat.
  1. Nut roast: Not just for vegetarians any more, nut roasts are great for those with elevated cholesterol levels. This is because nuts are naturally high in healthy unsaturated fats, which means they can be used as a convenient replacement for less nutritious types of protein. Nut roasts are easily made or bought and go well with gravy, vegetables and roasted spuds. Excellent for Sunday lunch!
  1. Avocado on toast with sundried tomatoes: This Mediterranean-inspired snack is a tasty way to prevent any mid-afternoon hunger attacks. Use the avocado instead of butter to replace saturated with unsaturated fat. Spread on wholemeal toast with sundried tomatoes and a little seasoning and you’ll be in snack heaven!
  1. Healthy flapjacks: We all need a sweet treat now and then, even those of us lowering our cholesterol. Well, flapjacks are actually a great option, as oats contain the special cholesterol-lowering particles that are particularly good for the heart. Avoid adding in lots of butter and sugar: instead, make them with bananas and honey. Include dried fruit and mixed seeds for a lovely wholesome treat.
  1. Lentil dahl: This dish is so tasty and easy to make that it’ll soon become a go-to favourite for anyone trying to lower their cholesterol. Lentils are a particularly popular healthy option because they are full of protein but have no cholesterol at all. To prepare, sauté onions, garlic and whatever spices you have to hand in a pan, add the lentils and some hot water and just let it cook!

So there you have it – some great tasting food that can help lower cholesterol as part of a healthy diet. And you don’t have to stick to home cooking to enjoy low cholesterol recipes – there are some great restaurants that will also cater for special diets. Search online for some different specialties. Just always remember: a diet that helps lower cholesterol doesn’t have to be boring. You can enjoy your food and maintain good health at the same time. Good luck!


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