Top Kids and Family Restaurants in London

Posted on May 14 2015 - 5:43pm by burningsalad


Planning to visit London with your kids? To most, it might seem that the words “kids” and “holiday” are mutually exclusive terms. While this claim may stand true for many on holiday, there are a myriad ways of keeping children happy, engaged and entertained during your holiday in London. What better way to achieve this task than food? According to London Tourist, the English did not have a reputation for having the most child-friendly restaurants in the past. However, significant measures have been taken in recent years to make London restaurants more children friendly. Today, there is an extensive list of eateries that are simply meant for dining with children all across the city. These restaurants may require you to shell out some extra money, which is why it is a smart move to look for cheap & budget hotels in Kensington for accommodation. Such accommodation also gives you quick and easy access to the train that can take you to various parts of London. Here’s a look at the top restaurants in London to dine in with your kids.

Planet Hollywood

This Central London restaurant has movie-obsessed owners but has managed to attract large crowds every single day. Since it is located in the heart of London, tourists can choose to stay at cheap & budget hotels in Kensington, such as Eden Plaza Kensington, which offers comfortable rooms with all the modern amenities while being situated in close proximity to the various attractions in Central London. This restaurant is run by an American family who have dedicatedly put up film memorabilia as tribute to iconic Hollywood actors. Even the soundtracks chosen are from specific films. Your child can have a special kid’s meal while listening to a song from The Lion King or the Madagascar series.

The Riding House Cafe

This restaurant and cafe, serving delicious comfort food, is steadily rising in popularity and is planning to open another branch in West London. The original restaurant is located in Bermondsey Street and is split into three sections. The first section includes the dining room that is of the Campbell’s Tomato Soup colour, the next section includes a large bar, lined with comfy stools, and the third section has a huge central table that can seat 19 people on vintage theatre chairs. There is also a small lounge area on the far side of the third section. While the food served here is sure to delight children, they will be more in awe of their surroundings and the unique décor of this restaurant and cafe.


Located in Westfield Shopping Mall in Stratford, this kid’s restaurant serves international cuisine that is sure to appeal to any palette. Giraffe has, over the years, won several awards for being among the top family restaurants. The playful décor is designed with children in mind. The restaurant is known to specialize in fresh and healthy European and African inspired food. Since it is located at Westfield Shopping Mall, families are only a few minutes away from the Olympic Park and the movies. This ensures that your child has no shortage of distractions after the meal.

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