Use Knowledge You Have To Earn Money


Ever since I started this blog to chart my progression from a really bad cook into a reasonably ok cook, I have enjoyed sharing my experiences and tips with my readers.  This is not the only good thing that has come from writing this blog though, as I have discovered that you can earn money sharing what you know with the rest of the world.  If you would like to follow in my footsteps and write about your cooking experiences to earn money or would like to write about another subject that you know a lot about, then please take a look at some of the money making ways I have listed below.

Answer Questions Online

If you look around you will find many websites online that are looking for experts to answer various questions posed by the general public.  Although you will not earn very much money for each individual answer you give, if you keep at it you will find that you can earn a reasonable amount over time.  It is important of course, that you make sure you feel confident that you are giving the right information in your answers, but the good thing about it is it doesn’t take too much time to write the answers.

Write Blogs Like This One

A job that you will probably consider as more of a proper job than the above is managing and writing for your own blog.   There are many different sites covering just about every type of subject on the net, including my chosen subject – cooking.  This can be great fun to do as you can add your own personality and humour to your posts, which means it, would be a good job if you are creative and enjoy writing about your favourite topics.  Although it is definitely more exciting creating your own blog and writing for it, you might not have enough time to do that.

Become A Professional Essay Writer

If you have a lot of experience and knowledge you may want to put this to good use by writing essays.  There is likely to be a lot of demand for writing on cooking, if like me that is your specialist subject, because food, recipes and information is something that people always search for online.  Even if you don’t get much work that revolves around cooking for instance, you will definitely get work about other things that are important to you and that you are interested in.

As you become a more confident writer, you may wish to start writing about subjects outside of your knowledge base.  Not only will this stop your work from seeming too boring or samey, but you will expand you will spend a lot of the time learning new things, which for me is definitely a positive.  The thing to keep in mind if you try essay writing as a proper job that you will have to put a lot of research and hard work into your essays to ensure that they are accepted and that you get the correct payment.

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