Why You Should Drink Coffee Every Day

Posted on Sep 15 2015 - 2:27am by burntsalad

So many people are under the impression that coffee isn’t good for them. While this can be true if you have too much of it, coffee is actually a really healthy drink to include in your daily diet! One or two cups of coffee a day is not going to hurt you – it’s actually beneficial. Here’s why you should drink coffee every day:

Coffee Gives You More Energy

You may have noticed that coffee perks us up when we need it most and gives us more energy. This is why it’s the perfect drink to consume right before the working day, or even a workout. You’ll feel more alert and ready to tackle whatever you have in front of you!


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Coffee Helps to Burn Fat and Speeds up the Metabolism

Coffee has actually been proven to help the body burn fat. Not only does it kick start that metabolism and wake you up, it also helps fat to be broken down at a faster rate. People who drink coffee before their workouts always burn more fat and have a faster metabolism in general than those who don’t.  This is why coffee is a great drink for slimmers or people who are looking to maintain their weight.

Improve Your Physical Performance

Coffee improves physical performance, so drinking it before a workout or a hard day at work is ideal. If you have a physical job, you’ll usually find that you can work harder for longer with a nice cup of coffee inside you.

Can Protect You From Diseases Later on In life

Coffee isn’t just a great drink for fat burning and performance; it can protect you from diseases later on in life too. Diseases such as alzheimer’s and parkinson’s can be horrible, but with the help of coffee, you might find that your risk of getting them greatly reduces.

Lowers Risk of Cancer

The big C isn’t something any of us like to think about. Sometimes it’s caused by lifestyle factors, other times it just happens. However, coffee has been linked to a lowered risk of some types of cancer!

Fights Depression

Coffee is a natural mood booster, but it can also help to fight depression. If you feel your mood dropping or you fear you might be susceptible to depression, then try drinking coffee every day. People who drank coffee felt much better in their everyday lives than those who didn’t. Now you can feel great about visiting your favorite coffee roasters for a brew.

Get an Antioxidants Boost

Coffee can also be a bit of a health drink too, providing you don’t add milk, cream, or sugar. Why? Because it’s packed full of antioxidants! People hail green tea and similar drinks as the best hot drink, but coffee has it’s place too. There are antioxidants to be enjoyed from every hot drink, so don’t rule coffee out because of its bad rep!

Will you drink more coffee after reading this? Hopefully you now realise the benefits – leave your thoughts below!

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