5 Tips For Swapping Processed Food With Natural Food

I, like most people, used to be seriously addicted to processed foods.  How could I resist?  They were packaged attractively, convenient and just always hit the right spot – particularly after a hard day at work or university.  However, as you are probably aware from many of the current health campaigns – processed foods contain many unhealthy ingredients that can really cause you problems.  This is why I have tried to cut them out as much as possible, where possible.

However, good intentions aside – giving up processed foods and switching them for natural food alternatives is easier to say that actually is to do.  They are after all, jammed pack with addictive chemicals, sugars and salt which when ingested many times over a short period of time can cause your body to crave them.  It wasn’t easy though, and it is still a struggle at times, but if I can do it – anyone can.  You just need to know how to go about it.  That is why I posted this article – to give other people the tips they need to help them get rid of processed foods from their diet.

Educate Yourself Properly

The best way to start a new diet or change your lifestyle is to educate yourself by doing thorough research.  Make time to read articles online and offline regarding the debate concerning processed foods versus natural foods.  Learn as much as you can about processed food additives and ingredients that can detrimentally affect your health including trans-fats, sodium and food colouring.

Always Read Food Labels Carefully

It can admittedly be a pain to always spend 2 hours a night preparing and cooking a healthy and tasty meal from scratch.  It is also unnecessary if you know what to look for and what to avoid.  If you look in your local grocery store or supermarket and read the labels carefully, you may still be able to find “readymade” sauces and other ingredients that don’t contain artificial colours and flavours or preservatives.

Take Your Time And Enjoy Each Meal

One mistake that a lot of people make and it’s a really bad habit that has developed over the last couple of decades is that they eat food too quickly.  Possibly you have the same habit.  I know I have done it in the past.  You sit down in front of your computer or TV and just gulp down your meal without actually giving two thoughts.  Instead, you should take the time to savour and enjoy each mouthful of your food.  Become accustomed to the different colours, textures, smells and tastes and this will help combat your unhealthy addiction to processed junk food.

Avoid Food With Added Salt And Added Sugar

This can be hard but the upshot is the less food you eat that contains added salt and sugar, the less you will feel that overwhelming urge to eat them.  Instead of those types of food, choose single-ingredient, fresh foods such as almonds, egg or apple that will nourish your body instead of ruining it.

Exercise Patience And Perseverance

It is not going to be easy, but if you start changing just one meal or snack a day from something unhealthy to something healthy your body will react favourably.  Not only will you feel healthier but your taste buds will change and become more accustomed to healthier food.

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