Essential Ingredients For Most Classic French Dishes

Essential Ingredients For Most Classic French Dishes

One of my favourite areas of the world I like to cook recipes and dishes from is France. …

Jun 5, 20213 min read
Ways to Deal with an Egg Allergy

Ways to Deal with an Egg Allergy

Food allergies are very common nowadays in kids and adults, with eggs allergies being one of the most…

Mar 10, 20213 min read


Hi there, welcome to my blog burningsalad.  Before I explain what the blog is about and why I…

Apr 30, 20193 min read
5 Tips For Swapping Processed Food With Natural Food

5 Tips For Swapping Processed Food With Natural Food

I, like most people, used to be seriously addicted to processed foods.  How could I resist?  They were…

Jul 28, 20203 min read

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