Best Mixed Drinks to Pair With Steak

Red wine is the go-to classic to pair with steak. The dry tannins in red wine help balance out the rich fat content of the steak for a taste that is both enjoyable and satisfying. However, you can use red wine when pairing drinks with your steak meal. If you want something more flavorful or … Read more

The Perfect Hot Girl Summer Salad Recipe

The 'Hot Girl' Summer Salad Recipe!

It’s officially summertime, and that means it’s time to break out the salads! This year, we’re shaking things up with a hot girl summer salad that is sure to turn heads. Featuring all of your favorite summertime ingredients, this salad is light, refreshing, and packed with flavor. So whether you’re looking for a potluck dish … Read more

The Best Grinder Salad Recipe You’ll Ever Taste

Feeding lettuce into a grinder.

Move over, Caesar salad! There’s a new salad in town, and it’s about to take your taste buds by storm. Introducing the grinder salad! This flavor-packed dish is perfect for your next picnic, potluck, or backyard barbecue. So what are you waiting for? Read on for the best grinder salad recipe you’ll ever taste! What … Read more

Are You Ready To Launch A Restaurant In 2022?

Starting a business is a dream shared by millions. For food lovers, the idea of launching a restaurant stands out as the perfect option. With the right amount of passion, there’s nothing to stop you from achieving the dream of being a successful restauranteur. However, it’s not an easy arena to crack. Gaining success in … Read more

Obesity Can be Tackled in the Kitchen

Obesity is an increasing problem. The number of obese people in the UK has risen dramatically over the last couple of decades. There are health implications both for the people themselves and society as a whole. Obesity is linked directly to heart disease and diabetes and there is increasing pressure on the NHS as a … Read more