Best Places to Grab a Hearty Meal While in Leeds


Visiting Leeds on work or leisure? This destination offers a wide variety of cuisines to give your taste buds an adventure of a lifetime. While our tastes may be influenced heavily by our culture, it is always a good idea to try out new dishes and delicacies from different corners of the world to get an insight into diverse cultures. You can try different delicacies from across the globe in the heart of Leeds.  Whether you intend to stay at a luxury accommodation or enjoy the comforts offered by budget hotels near Leeds University, you should definitely try some of these restaurants to make your visit more exciting.

Restaurants at Your Accommodation

The first eateries to try out would be the ones at the hotel where you plan to stay.  The ideal thing to do is to seek accommodation at the hotels near Leeds University that offer a comfortable stay at budget rates as well as free breakfast, like Holiday Inn Express Leeds East. You can call for room service in case you have had a hectic day or simply visit the lounge to relax with a glass of wine.

Digby’s Restaurant

This restaurant is ideal if you wish to entertain business associates. It is a sophisticated, retro eatery that caters to an up-market crowd. Decorated in shades of chocolate, plum and cream, the place has remarkable portraits of actors and singers. You should try the Longhorn steaks or the Tamworth pork cutlet. If you are feeling adventurous, you could order lobsters or leeks. It is a luxury restaurant, so it’s a great choice if your company is going to pick up the tab.

Outlaws Yacht Club

This is a DJ bar that comes alive in the late hours of the night. This place is known for its discerning music as well as for its craft beer and, of course, good food. It is easy on the pocket, so you can relax and enjoy your drink without worrying about having to rob a bank. Although the menu is fairly simple, you can try its sourdough sandwiches and platters of meats.

Primo’s Gourmet Hot Dogs

This is the ideal spot, if you want to grab a quick bite. You can get a variety of hot dogs, all of which are delicious. You can try Classic Cubano sarnie, which is filled with Swiss cheese, pork and ham and seasoned with mustard and mojo sauce.

Bulgogi Grill

This is a Korean BBQ hangout, where you can cook the meats yourself at the built-in grill at your table. These meats are accompanied by lettuce wraps and mouth-watering sides and dips. You can find this restaurant easily if you are staying at one of the hotels near Leeds Metropolitan University.

El Topo

Here’s where you can try San Francisco-style burritos. This eatery is known for serving flavours that are sure to be a treat for your palette. Served with red rice, vegetables and salsa, the dishes are filling

Oranaise Cafe

This eatery serves delicacies from Morocco and North Africa. It is reasonably priced at the décor is vibrant. You can try the Algerian Merguez Couscous or the Chicken Shawarma Mezze Platter.

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