Exciting Decorating Ideas For Your Kitchen

Exciting Decorating Ideas For Your KitchenAs you can guess from the rest of the posts on this blog I spend a lot of time in my kitchen.  I therefore take the look and feel of my kitchen very seriously.  In terms of decorating and design kitchens are a bit of an oddity.  The majority of the kitchens I have been in are either completely bare to allow for easy clean-up or head more into the realms of comedy.  This post aims to give you some tips on decorating your kitchen tastefully while reflecting the style and feeling of the rest of your home.

Display The Good China And Crockery

A tried and tested idea is to display your finest dishes.  However, to stop it straying too far into the distant pastcreates a more abstract feeling by stacking or displaying different coloured plates and crockery together.

Family Photographs

The kitchen is seen by many as the heart of the home and there is no reason why you shouldn’t display family photographs in that particular room.  A gallery style wall of photographs in glass frames will allow you to look at those lovely family snaps without them getting damaged by grease or heat.

Pot And Pan Pegboard

One of my friends has a really small kitchen and she found a rather ingenious way round the lack of space by putting up a pegboard.  As well as it being a very practical way to hang your pots and pans, it also looks very fun too.


Who doesn’t love chalkboards?  If you have a chalkboard on one of the walls in your kitchen, you have space to take down notes of recipes, grocery lists, appointments and other important reminders.

Open Shelving Space

An alternative to the traditional closed cupboards and drawers is to have much of your storage space in the form of open shelves.  As well as showing off those wonderful pieces of crockery and glassware that you have, it also gives you much more space and gives your kitchen a very open and modern look and feel.

Food Related Art

I have some open shelving and where I have space I usually put some nice pieces of art.  I have a lovely little picture of a beautiful Italian dish and one of a grilled salmon on a barbecue, it just adds to the overall atmosphere of the my kitchen

Retro And Vintage Restaurant Memorabilia

A friend of mine recently bought me an antique restaurant menu board that I have put on one of my kitchen walls.  It is probably one of my favourite accessories in the entire house, as well just the kitchen,

Abstract Wall Mural

One of my boyfriend’s best friends has really upped the ante with the way he has decorated his kitchen and has left one wall completely blank.  He is currently planning a funky and abstract mural.  If it looks good, I may consider employing his artistic talents for one of the walls in my kitchen as well.  We will see.

Textured Wallpaper

Textured wallpaper is something that my mum and dad have always used in kitchens in any of the houses they and we have lived in.  It adds a bit of visual interest to a wall without actually hanging anything up and without it looking too cluttered.

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