Glug Glug! 24 Hour Wine Delivery Companies Popping Up Everywhere

drinksAs part of the change and relaxation of the 24 hour drinking law in 2006 by the Labour Government, we have seen a surge in the number of wine delivery companies opening up, offering a 24-hour delivery service. The wine delivery service is similar to the one you would receive when ordering a takeaway. You call up, place your order and before you know it you have your alcohol without having to leave your front door.

In order for a company to provide this service, they need to have a license; otherwise they will of course be breaking the law.

Where to Find Them?

There are 24 hour wine delivery companies popping up everywhere (checkout In total there have been more than 1,000 premises which have been granted permission to sell alcohol 24 hours a day, and this includes supermarkets and other stores. You can find 24 hour wine delivery companies in most cities in England and Wales, where the law has been granted.


If used in the way it was intended, there are many benefits to the 24 hour wine delivery companies. We lead busy lifestyles and many of us work shifts which means our relaxing time may be out with the usual opening hours of our local stores. The 24 hour delivery service means that not only can we enjoy a glass or two of wine whenever we feel like, we also have the extra advantage of not having to leave the house. It can also be beneficial if you are hosting a party and run out of booze. It has the potential to stop people getting behind the wheel of their car to pick up emergency supplies after they have had some alcohol.


Just like anything, there are those who take advantage of such a flexible system. The 24 hour delivery may mean that some will drink far more than they are capable of and it can make alcohol more accessible. As long as people use it in the way it was intended, rather than as an excuse to binge drink, it can have many benefits.

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