Holiday Season Catering

The LA Times reports, that as we continue to see improvement in the economy, catering companies in Los Angeles are beginning to see an increased appetite for holiday catering. Holiday banquets are a time for gathering of friends, family, and even co-workers. A time for delicious food, refreshingly delicious and sometimes warm beverages, and an overindulgence of both simultaneously.

With confidence in the economy on the up-and-up, experts predict a rise in at home holiday entertaining of greater than 22 percent this holiday season. Not only that, but employers are also more likely to toss on their dancing shoes, throw on their party hat and load up the app trays for their employees this year. Reports show an expect 89 percent of employers to throw some sort of year-end or holiday part this holiday season. This number has continued to rise in the past few years, up from a low 68 percent in 2011.

Why the Increase in Holiday Catering and Holiday Banquets?

Over the past year we have seen an increase in job creation, wages have slightly risen, and corporate earnings have gained strength. With that, corporations and everyday consumers alike have a justifiable confidence in the economy and are willing to spend their earnings on employees, friends and families. Recent surveys show that approximately 60 percent of employers plan on outsourcing a catering company to host their year-end events.

The holiday season in itself can be stressful for everyone, not just parents wondering how they will scrape up the money to buy their children everything on their lists, but also for those who have no children and who are trying to get by on a lower wage, who are forced to take the holidays off without pay. Cooking for the holidays should not add to your stress load. Weigh the benefits and the costs, hire a catering company for your holiday event and get that much longed for and deserved relaxation.

What’s The Average Price Ranges For Catering?

Catering services vary in a broad range of prices. Depending on the size, type and menu items chosen for your event will determine the overall cost. A basic buffet with four entrees, two salads, sides, beverages and dessert can be found for anywhere around $20 per person (excluding gratuity). If you opt for more complex dishes such as a raw bar or an open bar then expect to pay higher than average prices.

The holiday season is a time of year meant to be enjoyed by family, friends and co-workers alike – but it doesn’t have to be stressful! Hiring a catering service for your next holiday event can help alleviate some of that stress while also helping create an enjoyable atmosphere. With a wide range of price points, catering services can help make sure your holiday season is one to remember!

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