5 Great Things To Make With Tomatoes

5 Great Things To Make With TomatoesI love tomatoes almost as much as I love potatoes and are the base ingredient for a lot of the sauces I make.  If you are bored with having tomatoes the same way then I hope the following list of my favourite uses of this bright red and sweet vegetable help to inspire you to maybe try something a little different.

Easy As Pie Tomato Rich Salsa

Although many people opt for shop bought alternatives, it is actually rather easy to make a nice and fresh flavoured salsa in minutes.  Simply take some ripe and fresh tomatoes and chop them finely.  Next chop up a small onion and mix with the tomato.  Next, that take some fresh coriander or, if you have it, cilantro and tear it into tiny strips.  Place all the ingredients into a large mixing bowl, add a handful of roughly torn basil leaves and sprinkle some sea salt and freshly ground pepper before adding a generous pouring of extra virgin oil.  Cover the mixture and leave it to marinade for 30 minutes before serving with some grilled chicken or fish.  However, for a nice and spicy snack – lightly toast some crusty bread and pour the salsa over, it’s simply divine!

Quick Tomato Sauce

The best way to cook fresh tomatoes is with a quick short burst of heat so that the tomatoes retain all their goodness and flavour.  Fry an onion and once the onion starts to colour and soften add the tomatoes and cook for a short amount of time.  Add some basil or parsley and a good seasoning of black pepper and sea salt and you have a flavoursome sauce that will work well with any meat or fish dish.

Runner Bean Salad With Slow Roasted Tomatoes

I love eating cherry tomatoes as a nice healthy snack but if I have a rather large intake from my potted vines, I like to roast them slowly in the oven with olive oil.  I then use my favourite lettuce leaves and spinach leaves as he base of the salad and layer on fresh and crisp runner beans before placing the warm and juicy roasted tomatoes.

Marry Tomatoes With Other Tasty Ingredients

A simple way to make a quick meal is to take tomatoes and combine them with ingredients you know go well together.  Tomatoes go well with almost anything but my particular favourites are rocket, goats cheese and basil.  These ingredients layered between good, crusty bread make a lovely tasting sandwich.

Spanish Gazpacho

Why not try something a little different, especially on the odd occasion when we have a warm summer in the UK and try making a spicy, but refreshing Spanish Gazpacho.  Gazpacho is a cold soup made predominately with tomato and some fine herbs and spices.

Obviously this list is not exhaustive and there are many other ways you can put fresh or tinned tomatoes to good use.  Tomatoes are essential for a lot of the classic Italian dishes and are always a highlight for me of any summer salad.

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