6 Surprising Health Benefits of Honey

honeyHoney has been used for thousands of years as a health benefactor. With practical uses that extend far beyond just a natural food sweetener, honey has properties that impact both inside and outside the body.

This sticky, sweet substance is nature’s resource to help the body grow healthier. Nature’s sweetener, raw, organic honey tenders the most benefits per spoonful. Here are just a few of the amazing ways that honey can improve your health.

1. A Common Cold Remedy

Some of the best doctors will agree that the natural properties in honey can be a powerful agent for soothing sore throats and easing persistent coughs. When combined with lemon, honey loosens congestion, prevents dehydration, and makes raspy irritated throats feel much better. Even singers often use straight honey or a honey concoction to relax their voices.

While honey is not a cure for viruses, using it as a natural remedy eases discomfort without putting artificial chemicals into the body. To prevent catching a cold, adding honey to warm water daily might help keep a virus at bay. And for allergy sufferers, local raw honey can provide allergy relief.

2. Indigestion No More

Many people suffer from indigestion and have a hard time finding the right medicine to soothe their stomachs’ inflammation. Honey’s antiseptic properties relieve acidity and can ease digestion. If prone to indigestion, drinking warm water with 1-2 tablespoons of honey before dinner can stave off indigestion. For those who are already in the midst of stomach pain, drinking warm honey water can help put the digestive system back on track.

3. Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease

Research has found that when honey is mixed with cinnamon and digested, it can reduce cholesterol by up to 10%. Honey’s impact on the arteries and veins of the heart can provide even greater benefits. When ingested daily, this mixture can reduce the risk of heart attack or stop another one from occurring in those who have already suffered one.

4. Boost Energy Levels

Because it is a natural sugar, the calories in honey add energy to the body. Instead of reaching for unnatural sources of caffeine, use honey to fight fatigue and curb sweet, unhealthy cravings.

5. Sweet Weight Loss

In the morning on an empty stomach, drinking warm water with lemon and honey can help detox the body. If taken on a daily basis, this drink cleanses the liver, removes fat, and removes harmful toxins stuck in your body. Additionally, drinking this in the morning soothes and relaxes the body and mind for optimal stress relief and productivity throughout the day.

6. Clearer Skin

Honey is an essential organic skincare therapy. It contains anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties which clarify the skin. Acne can be remedied by applying a small amount of raw honey directly onto a blemish. Allow the skin to absorb it overnight in order to obtain the most medicinal benefits. For consistent results, use honey daily.

Honey’s medicinal properties can also be used to diminish the appearance of scars as well as effectively treating eczema, ring worm, or psoriasis. While honey can not be said to completely cure any condition, it can relieve irritation and dry skin.

A natural remedy for all kinds of ailments, honey can be used for both external and internal health issues. Not only does it soothe painful conditions and body irritations, but it also removes the need for any artificial chemicals giving the body nature’s relief.

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