Bacon Salad

bacon salad

It was already heard countless times how bacon can affect the health badly. Unfortunately for bacon lovers, there are mentions of negative influences of this popular part of breakfast wherever you turn. But like almost everything in the world, nothing is black and white, not even the consumption of bacon. With moderation being the key of healthy living, one can make eating bacon work in their favor.

Nothing excessive will ever be good

Eating too much bacon every day can really cause high cholesterol and blood pressure and lead to increased body weight and fat. This part is not a myth and it is wrong to expect that suddenly someone is going to declare that bacon should actually be consumed all the time as part of the balanced diet. Nothing should be part of healthy meals all the time if the goal is balanced diet. But every food has its own advantages and disadvantages and bacon is no different.

Two sides of every food

bacon salad

You can probably list all the disadvantages of bacon because these are screaming at you everywhere which is in a way understandable because people tend to eat a lot of this food in portions that are seriously not good for them. Still, there is other, positive side of bacon and people who are able to plan their meals can get a lot of good things from this particular food.

How bacon can benefit you

bacon salad

If eating moderately, from time to time and in combination with other foods that do not include the most popular bacon and eggs breakfast, bacon can actually provide you with enough protein to keep you energized and active through the day. Moreover, while overstuffing yourself with bacon has negative consequences on your blood pressure, eating it occasionally can actually reduce blood pressure and sugar levels. With adequate portions of bacon people feel less hungry and with enough protein energy, metabolism is likely to boost which can help with maintaining and losing weight as well as keeping muscles toned more easily. What’s more, bacon contains a nutrient called choline which can increase one’s ability to concentrate on demanding tasks and memorize necessary things. Not to mention that it can reduce stress. Among different useful vitamins and minerals that help with proper functioning of the body, bacon contains a lot of calcium which with some of the best calcium supplements one can get can secure a person in this area for a significant period of time.

Bacon salad recipes

If you are not sure how to incorporate bacon in your meal planning in a healthy way think salads!

  • Bacon salad with broccoli, raisins and sunflower seeds is one of the tastiest and most energizing meals and it is fairly easy to make. Simply cook bacon slices over medium-high heat and drain it from oil afterwards making crumbles. Now, put bacon, broccoli (1/2 pound), raisins (1 ½ pound cups), unsalted sunflower seeds (1 ½ pound cups) and chopped onion (1/2 cup) in a large bowl. Finally, pour the mixture of mayonnaise, sugar, sweetener and vinegar and toss to coat. Voila! An energy bomb is ready to keep you ready for daily tasks.
  • Even simpler but healthy all the same is Romaine salad with tomatoes and bacon. Toss the drained and crumbled 4 slices of bacon in a bowl together with 1 sliced romaine lettuce head, 1 cup of halved grape tomatoes and 4 sliced scallions. Toss everything with 4 to 6 tablespoons of Creamy Parmesan dressing or Caesar dressing and you are done and free to enjoy the meal!

Do not shy away from different foods and eat everything in appropriate portions. This is a proven and most gratifying way to lead a healthy life with all the necessary nutrients and benefits.

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