My Favourite Things To Do With The Humble Potato

One of my all-time favourite ingredients is the humble, but very versatile potato. So many of my favourite dishes include potato! Whether it is a straight up and honest baked potato with melted grated cheese or something a bit more interesting, it is always good to have a few good potato recipes in mind.

The following are my favourite potato dishes; feel free to contact me with anymore of your favourite potato-centred meals.


As I always follow the old adage of “you can’t have too much of a good thing” I inevitably cook too much when I am cooking, particularly if I am cooking for either Nick and I or just myself. What I love to do is take the leftovers and make a sandwich or if I fancy something warmer and more filling I like to take the leftovers and pour them over a baked potato.  So whether you have some leftover chilli, spaghetti Bolognese or steak you can use those leftovers to make a filling and money saving second dish using some potatoes.

Chicken And Sour Cream Or Spiked Yoghurt

One of my favourite toppings to have over baked potatoes is chicken with a cool and refreshing sour cream or yoghurt sauce. Mix the sour cream or yoghurt with some shredded chicken and add some seasonings such as smoked paprika, chilli powder or garlic powder to give extra flavour and colour to the chicken.

Black Bean, Avocado And Salsa

If you want to add a touch of Mexico to your lunchtime baked potato, but don’t have any leftover chilli then this is the perfect accompaniment. Simply scope some avocado into a bowl, add black beans and some homemade or shop bought salsa and mix it all together. Serve with some Mexican spiced cheddar cheese and enjoy.

Steamed Broccoli And Mature Cheddar Cheese

If you are as big a fan of traditionally British broccoli cheese then this is one of the best ways to enjoy jacket potatoes. Follow your favourite broccoli cheese recipe and bake some potatoes and then pour the taste broccoli mixture over your spud and enjoy. A great alternative to the cheese is either using salsa or sour cream with the broccoli.

Hummus And Chopped Tomato

Now I know not everyone loves chickpeas or indeed hummus, but I love the stuff. I came across this idea on the net and when I have to make a quick lunch or even late night snack I bake a potato in the microwave and mix some hummus and chopped tomato or cucumber and mash it into the potato as a more interesting take on mashed potato.

If you are a big fan of mashed potato rather than baked potato then you can always add fried onions, cream, cheese or all of these ingredients to make that mashed potato extra tasty and moreish. Be careful though and consider your waistline ladies as the tastier you make it, the more you will want to eat.

So there you have it: my top five favourite potato recipes. Try them out and let me know how you get on, or perhaps suggest some of your own variations. I’m sure we can all benefit from having a few more potato ideas in our repertoire! Enjoy!

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