Finest restaurants the Las Vegas casinos have to offer


If you ever decide to go to Las Vegas, you will be struck by the way everything is extreme and excessive.You may have seen a few casino styles games at sites like however Vegas takes these games to another level.This world famous playground brings in people from all over the world to take in what Vegas has to offer. People don’t just come for all the casino’s either, although that is a big draw of course not only because of poker and blackjack fanatics but also because of films like James Bond and ‘The Hangover’ filming on location at some of the casino’s turning it into a tourist spot for film lovers.

It is a famous favourite for hen and stag parties and groups of soon to be weds flood into the casinos all year round. Another big draw to Las Vegas is the food. Once better known for its cheap buffets, it has transformed into a Mecca of fine dining with price points catering for people from every walk of life. There really is something for everyone, and if you go to Caesars palace Las Vegas, you can choose from 14 different restaurants in between playing Poker, blackjack and slots.

Celebrity chef owned restaurants are everywhere you turn such as popular Japanese chain Nobu, and Gordon Ramsay’s British restaurant. In Las Vegas you will be able to try restaurants that you might never have heard of, but will walk away raving about. Guy Savoy is a beautiful restaurant offering authentic French cuisine, a sister to its Paris original especially for Las Vegas. Guy Savoy has 3 Michelin stars making this a popular choice amongst people who are happy to pay the price of fine dining. You are likely to see celebrity guests dining here and it has a wealthy clientele in general, so it might be an idea to try and get a big win at the poker table before you visit this restaurant.

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