Girls’ only dinner party ideas

girlsIt is not always necessary for girls to have a night out to enjoy themselves. A dinner party just for the girls is a great night in, and gives a hostess a chance to dust off her apron and show off some of her culinary skills.

Planning a menu

Whether a hostess wants to try her hand at fine dining, or tasty yet simple food, there will be a party and a menu to suit.

For a fun and communal dinner party, why not have the girls round for a pizza night? A hostess could prepare the dough and component parts, and her guests could then make their own pizza as part of the fun. Alternatively, if the hostess wants to do all the cooking herself, she could cook her friends’ pizza to order.

Have a themed party; such as celebrating the type of food that was available during the decade most of the guests were born in. The iconic food for sixties children would be the fondue, and this is a great way to get all the guests involved, but do not just stick to chocolate or cheese. There are plenty of other recipes, such as a Sweet and Spicy Peanut fondue, to ring the changes.

Drinks are served

Of course, one thing all parties need to make them go with a swing is booze and cocktails are a great choice for a party. Make the occasion feel all that more special by using beautiful crystal glasses to serve the drinks in. Stock up on a variety of different alcoholic and soft drinks, such as vodka, bourbon, and fruit juices, to serve up Bourbon and Blood Orange Blasts, Cucumber Saketinis, margaritas and martinis.

Girls’ night in

Of course, a group of friends do not need a special occasion for a get-together. A bevy of singletons can have a girls’ night in to celebrate being single, and do so in style by dressing up in fancy frocks and cooking an indulgent dinner, such as Peppercorn-Crusted Filet Mignon with a red wine or port jus, followed by a wickedly delicious Double Chocolate Gateaux or Cheesecake.

Get comfy on the sofa and have a girls’ movie night, indulging shamelessly in RomComs and girly flicks. This is a party where it is worth creating a cinema experience in the home, complete with boxes of popcorn and over-sized cardboard cups of soft drinks, served with straws. Put in a little extra effort and make some Fudge Brownies or Spicy Nuts, and make it a little more adult with some Fruit Punch or Blood Orange Sangrias. Why not revive memories of teenage days and turn the party into a sleepover, and invite the guests to bring their pyjamas?

How about doing a little clothes shopping without the expense and tired feet? Arrange a Fashion Swap party, where friends can all bring clothes they are tired of wearing and swap with one another. Not only will they come away with some great new outfits, but also it provides a perfect opportunity for sipping on some champagne.

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