How to Create the Perfect Mini Barbecue Sliders

How to Create the Perfect Mini Barbecue SlidersWith summer just around the corner, it’s time to test out new recipes that would be perfect for any type of summer bash. Sliders are an iconic summer food as they are easy to put together and even easier to eat.

Today’s recipe focuses on creating the perfect mini barbecue sliders on toasted buns topped with Sargento cheese. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to achieve it:

1. Essential Tools

Before getting into the kitchen, it’s important to know what types of kitchen tools you will be working with so that you are familiar with the tools before cooking.

What you need:

  • Skillet and lid
  • Slotted Spoon
  • Griddle

While a sauté pan and a skillet look similar, and seem to function the same way, they do function differently and each yield a different purpose when it comes to cooking. A sauté pan has a wide, flat bottom with tall, vertical sides. Skillets, on the other hand, have sides that angel outwards. Because of a skillet’s angled sides, the surface area available in the pan is about 30 percent less than a sauté pan, however, even though it has less surface area, the angled sides make it easier to brown meats, especially ground meats.

2. Ingredients

To make the best, most flavorful chicken sliders, it is important to find the freshest ingredients. Often, chicken sliders are made with chicken patties, or shredded chicken. This recipe is unique in that it uses ground chicken, which offers a quality, delicious meal in half the time.

When purchasing ground chicken, make sure you ask your butcher for ground chicken breast. Ground chicken breast is the white, lean meat, which offers you a richer, better flavor. Do not be concerned about the lack of fat in the meat, for the ground meat will be simmered in barbecue sauce, which will keep it tender, moist, and flavorful. You can either use your favorite homemade barbecue sauce, or purchase your favorite pre-made sauce.

Since you will be toasting the buns on the griddle, any mini slider buns will do. The last ingredients you will need are sliced green onions, hot sauce (optional depending upon your spice preference), and Sargento cheese (Colby is a great choice for this recipe).

3. Cooking Process

The recipe is built to serve 4, with each person receiving 2 sliders. If you are cooking for a party, doubling or tripling the recipe is extremely simple.

Take the ground chicken (1 lb) and brown the chicken in a nonstick skillet, about 6 minutes. Drain any liquid from the chicken with a slotted spoon and return to the skillet. Over low heat, add in the barbecue sauce, green onions, and hot sauce and cover with lid. Allow to simmer about 3 to 4 minutes so the sauce is heated through.

While the chicken is simmering, rub a bit of butter over the griddle and toast the buns until they are golden brown. Spoon the mixture over the bottom of the rolls and top each slider with cheese.

Serve and enjoy!

Sargento covered the costs of the ingredients used in this recipe, but the opinions are my own.

Author Ted Levin is a food lover and cheese aficionado always searching for the newest recipe craze. You can connect with Ted on Twitter.

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