My Favourite Must Have Kitchen Gadgets Part 2

The following is more of the kitchen devices and gadgets that I would recommend to anyone who is as passionate and serious about cooking and baking as I am. I certainly wouldn’t be without them and if they broke I would feel lost and probably even cry a little.

Joseph Joseph TriScale

Although I said I like using my Tala Cook’s Measurer for measuring out ingredients, when I am getting my serious chef hat on I prefer to get this bad boy out.  Smaller amounts are far easier to measure out accurately with digital scales and this is ideal.  I particularly love it because it collapses down by folding the 3 arms down so that I can store it away in one of my kitchen drawers.  It’s excellent for making a dough or cake mixture because it has an ‘add and weigh’ function that allows you to add different ingredients in the same bowl.

Zyliss Susi 3 Garlic Press

I have to admit that I was rather funny about garlic presses when I first started taking the art of cooking more seriously.  I felt that they were a waste of money and I wouldn’t get the feeling for a dish that I was cooking as much if I didn’t prepare garlic cloves by hand.  That was until a friend bought me one and therefore I felt obliged to use it and give it a chance, not least because she gave it such a glowing review.  I promise you that when you use this garlic press your opinion of this handy little gizmo will be forever changed.  It can crush more than one garlic clove at once and more importantly you do not have to peel the cloves before popping them in.  It also comes with a brush built into it so that cleaning is far easier than it is with other models and similar products.

Kenwood kMix Hand Mixer

As well as having a large mixer, I also find it invaluable to have a hand mixer.  If you cannot afford to pay out for the KitchenAid mixer mentioned on the previous page, then definitely get a hand mixer like this one first.  I love this mixer because it is very sleek, has a very comfortable handle and comes with a total of 5 different mix speeds.  The best part about this mixer though is the grey base, which is a combination of a storage container for whisking and a stand for device itself.  One of the best purchases I have ever made.

Le Creuset Silicone Professional Range Spoon Spatula

My mum had always highly praised the invention of silicone kitchen utensils and this silicone spoon spatula made by Le Creuset is one of my favourite and most used utensils.  I use it for everything from scraping the rest of my cake mixture from the bowl, smoothing out the icing on my cakes and also for flipping pancakes and eggs in the frying pan.  Whatever you are using it with won’t stick or cling to the surface of the spatula.  The Professional Range part of the name refers to the spatula’s rather comfortable and nostalgic looking wooden handle.

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