Street Food: The Complete Guide To What’s Hot

Every country in the world has their individual style of street food. In simple terms, street food is the snack that urbanites grab whilst they’re on the go and need to eat. In recent years, there has been a growing trend. Street food is now so much more than a quick snack or convenient meal; street food is now a delicacy in many places in the western world. In towns and cities across the USA, pop-up street food shops have become commonplace. Claiming to cook up and serve authentic style street food, plenty of chefs have started new businesses. This cuisine may have more to them than novelty value. So, which ones should you try? You have many to choose from now, and so you might find the wide array of street food a little intimidating. Here are some of the best dishes to look out for when you’re sampling street food.

Meaty Mexican Street Food

Mexican street food was the first of its kind to take off in the rest of the world. The burrito is, of course, a staple favorite dish for most Americans, but why not try something a little different? Tamales are a great alternative to burritos and offer a brand new flavor. The wrap consists of a corn dough with a variety of fillings inside it. From vegetables to chili, you can be sure that this style of cuisine will hit your hunger spot. As with most modern Mexican dishes, everything comes with cheese.  Make sure that you ask for this dish to be mild, or you might be in for a serious shock.

Incredible Italian Street Food

Italy has a rich cuisine that people often associate with fancy restaurants. Forget sitting in a posh eatery with a snooty waiter serving you; you can get delicious Italian food on the go. Pizza is an ideal street food, as you can grab just one slice whilst you’re out and about. There once was a time when the only pizza style you could get in America was pepperoni. Whilst that flavor is a classic, it can get a little dull. Now you can taste every style of pizza, and so you should spend some time exploring what is available. The beauty of pizza is that it is a sharing dish. You may think that the entire pizza is a single dish, but, in fact, a pizza is ideal for sharing with a large group.

Juicy Japanese Street Food

When you think of street food, Japanese cuisine may not be the first thing to come to mind. As a culture, Japanese people are always busy and on the go. This makes it fitting that the Japanese invented some of the tastiest street food in the world. I’m not talking about sushi, though, of course, sushi is incredible. I am talking about delicacies such as Yaki Imo, which is a moreish dish consisting of oven baked sweet potatoes. People often get the wrong idea when it comes to Japanese food. It’s not all noodles and raw fish; there are many amazing, original dishes that the country has to offer.

Rustic Russian Street Food

Russia takes inspiration from its most-traditional dishes. Russian street food is sure to be the next big thing as the country has so much to offer by way of easy-to-eat dishes and quick food. Blin makes a perfect street food. The dish consists of a crepe-like pancake. The batter of the dish is thin so that the blins are light and tasty. Russian people often spread jam or honey on blins and enjoy the dish as a dessert treat. There is also a trend of putting fish inside the blins so that people can enjoy a savory dish instead.

Delicious Dutch Street Food

Along with the many other cuisines that have been making a mark on the street food scene, Dutch dishes have recently become incredibly popular. Dutch snacks such as poffertjes are small fluffy pancakes doused in butter and powdered sugar. They’re light and fluffy and make for an ideal snack whilst you’re out and about exploring Amsterdam. Stroopwafel is another common treat; this consists of two thin waffles stuck together with caramel syrup or melted chocolate inside them.

The Growing Global Popularity of Street Food

Street food from around the world has become increasingly popular over the past few years. With many different cuisines to choose from, you can be sure that there will be something for everyone to enjoy. From Mexican burritos to Russian blins and Dutch poffertjes, there are plenty of amazing dishes to try out when it comes to street food. So make sure you get out there and sample some of these delicious treats!

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