Top Side Dishes for your Hog Roast Party

Hosting a party can be hard work and this really is the case when you have so much to think about on the day. After all, there might not be much preparation you can do before the day and if you are hosting the party as a surprise then this can make things even more difficult for you. If this is the case then you will want to do everything you can to make it convenient and a Bolton hog roast is the ideal way for you to do this. The main thing you need to think about next is what side dishes you want. The side dishes you choose will largely affect whether or not your meal is successful because you need to make sure that you have something for everyone on the day.

Choosing The Best Side Dishes

Some of the top side dishes include coleslaw, potato salad, chilli, aubergine salad and any other things you can think of that would go with a hog. You could also get some dips or sauces as well and this is great if you are planning on making sandwiches for everyone when they arrive. Some of the top sauce options include chilli, mayo, BBQ sauce and even mustard. These are very easy to buy and very easy to access, not to mention that everyone can go up and get their own if they wanted.

What Salads Go Best With a Hog Roast?

Salads are great to serve alongside a hog roast. You could choose from summer salad, coleslaw, cobb salad, as well as a regular salad garnished with things such as pickled beetroot or feta cheese. It is best to add some herbs and spices to the salads to give them a bit of an extra kick and also make sure that you have enough for everyone. Salads can often be quite fiddly so it might be worth preparing these ahead of time if you want to save yourself some hassle on the day of your event. If possible, get someone else involved in the preparation process too – this way you can ensure that all of the salads are ready for the big day!

What Vegetables Go Well With a Hog Roast?

Vegetables are an essential part of the meal and can really help to provide your guests with a variety of different flavours on the day. Some good vegetables to serve alongside a hog roast include roasted potatoes, carrots, parsnips and sweet potatoes. You could also opt for some grilled vegetables such as peppers or courgettes, although these may not be as popular with everyone. Grilling vegetables is also great for adding extra colour and texture to the table, so it’s worth considering if you have time.

What Bread Can I Serve With a Hog Roast?

Bread is necessary with any meal but this will depend on what type of bread you want to provide. If you are looking for something more traditional, then a white or brown bread roll is always a good option and these can be bought from the store. Alternatively, you could opt for something like Ciabatta or Sourdough which will add an extra touch of class to your meal.

A hog roast is a great way to feed lots of people at once and provides them with an enjoyable experience, not just with the food but with everything that comes along with it. Make sure you consider all of these side dishes and how they will go together before deciding what to serve. This way, everyone at the party will leave satisfied and you’ll have a successful event.

Good luck on your event! Remember to plan, make sure that everything is ready for the big day, and provide a variety of flavours for all your guests- then you’ll be sure to have a great party! 🙂 Have fun!

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