Get a Better Kitchen, Be a Better Cook

If your cooking repertoire has become a little stale or making meals just feels like a chore, take heart; it’s not you, it’s your kitchen, and there’s something you can do about it. Here’s how a few kitchen improvements could kick-start your delicious love affair with all things food. Upgrade Your Accessories: You can’t be … Read more

5 Amazing Recipes to Cook for Your Friends


If you want to impress your friends with a slap-up meal, we have the perfect meal ideas and inspiration for you. Whether they’re coming over for brunch, dinner, or simply visiting for a cup of tea, we have a suitable recipe here that’s sure to impress them. Enjoy! 1. Broccoli and Onion Soup Broccoli and … Read more

Midweek Meals the Family Will Love

It’s the middle of the week, everyone is tired, grumpy, and waiting for the weekend. This is how everybody feels on Wednesday! We’re half way to the weekend and counting down the days until we can throw away our important work documents and school uniforms for a few days of frivolous fun and excitement. To … Read more

Foods You Shouldn’t Eat Before Sleeping and Why

If you have trouble sleeping at night, a little food in your stomach might help you relax. However, though hunger tends to make you restless, so does eating too much. Keep your pre-slumber intake moderate, and be sure to stick to foods that enhance rather than inhibit your rest. Here are some of the types … Read more

Are our fears about food allergies a bit nutty?

Before we get into the detail of the article, I really want to thank the team here for letting me post here with them.  It means a lot to be able to get something published for my Personal Finance Blog at great site like this. To put the risks in perspective, you are twice as … Read more

Make Your Own Yogurt

There is something very satisfying about making something yourself; whether it’s a nice meal or something less involving, you get the pleasure of seeing the results of your hard work! Where are we going with this? Well, we’re talking about yogurt, and rather than buying it at the local supermarket, making it yourself! How do … Read more

Easy Carbonara Recipe

A carbonara dish is perfect for a dinner party and quite an indulgent meal. Pasta carbonara is a carb-heavy meal, and so you don’t need large portions to get rid of your hunger. Instead, opt for smaller servings, which are full of flavour, as doing this is healthier for you. Cheese-lovers and pasta-lovers adore this … Read more

Exciting Decorating Ideas For Your Kitchen

As you can guess from the rest of the posts on this blog I spend a lot of time in my kitchen.  I therefore take the look and feel of my kitchen very seriously.  In terms of decorating and design kitchens are a bit of an oddity.  The majority of the kitchens I have been … Read more

How to Organise the Perfect Birthday Party

Organising the perfect birthday party can be difficult, and the host or hostess often feels the party pressure in advance of the big day. Regardless of whom you are throwing a shindig for, the key is to remember not to panic and to carefully plan what you want for the perfect birthday party. After all, … Read more

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Honey

Honey has been used for thousands of years as a health benefactor. With practical uses that extend far beyond just a natural food sweetener, honey has properties that impact both inside and outside the body. This sticky, sweet substance is nature’s resource to help the body grow healthier. Nature’s sweetener, raw, organic honey tenders the … Read more