Authentic Mexican Foods You Should Try in Mexico

If you want to have more than a sample of authentic Mexican cuisine, going to places like Taco Bell and Chipotle might not cut it. While these aforementioned places have a few authentic items, even those come with major American influences. So, if you are ever at one of the luxury Cabo villas for rent … Read more

Holiday Season Catering

The LA Times reports, that as we continue to see improvement in the economy, catering companies in Los Angeles are beginning to see an increased appetite for holiday catering. Holiday banquets are a time for gathering of friends, family, and even co-workers. A time for delicious food, refreshingly delicious and sometimes warm beverages, and an … Read more

Make 2022 The Year You Start Eating Healthier

Thanks to Graela for the image It seems like every year we put ‘eat healthier’ on our New Year resolutions list. Many of us are lucky if we make it to February before we fall back into old habits! Making resolutions is all well and good, but if we don’t stick to them, it’s useless. … Read more

Essential Ingredients For Cooking Japanese Cuisine

Much like I covered in my post about Italian food, there are many ingredients that are essential when you are trying to create great tasting food.  With Italian and French it is things like salt, pepper, garlic and olive oil and for Indian cuisine it is herbs.  In this post we will look at some … Read more

How To Cook The Perfect Poached Egg

For me there is one thing I always have to have in my fridge or cupboard and that’s eggs.  I have very fond memories of having a boiled egg in an egg cup with toasted buttery soldiers to dunk.  That was real bliss for me!  Although as an adult I am still inclined to enjoy … Read more

Are our fears about food allergies a bit nutty?

Before we get into the detail of the article, I really want to thank the team here for letting me post here with them.  It means a lot to be able to get something published for my Personal Finance Blog at great site like this. To put the risks in perspective, you are twice as … Read more

Exciting Decorating Ideas For Your Kitchen

As you can guess from the rest of the posts on this blog I spend a lot of time in my kitchen.  I therefore take the look and feel of my kitchen very seriously.  In terms of decorating and design kitchens are a bit of an oddity.  The majority of the kitchens I have been … Read more

How to Organise the Perfect Birthday Party

Organising the perfect birthday party can be difficult, and the host or hostess often feels the party pressure in advance of the big day. Regardless of whom you are throwing a shindig for, the key is to remember not to panic and to carefully plan what you want for the perfect birthday party. After all, … Read more