Manifesto For A Mind-Blowing Summer

Manifesto For a Mind-Blowing Summer Summer is many people’s favourite time of year. It’s understandable. Sunlight warms and bronzes our skin. Our work commitments are fewer. We finally have a chance to see family and friends. And maybe we have the holiday of a lifetime booked. But what if Summer is something of a let-down? … Read more

10 Things You Can Do With Olive Oil

Olive oil isn’t just used in cooking you know; it’s actually a wonder product that we can use in many different situations. You won’t believe the amount of things we can do with this oil! This is something we should always have in our cupboards – here’s why: Image Credit 1. Use it as a … Read more

Girls’ only dinner party ideas

It is not always necessary for girls to have a night out to enjoy themselves. A dinner party just for the girls is a great night in, and gives a hostess a chance to dust off her apron and show off some of her culinary skills. Planning a menu Whether a hostess wants to try … Read more

5 Tips For Swapping Processed Food With Natural Food

I, like most people, used to be seriously addicted to processed foods.  How could I resist?  They were packaged attractively, convenient and just always hit the right spot – particularly after a hard day at work or university.  However, as you are probably aware from many of the current health campaigns – processed foods contain … Read more

A History of African Cuisine

If you think North America is diverse, you haven’t been to the beautiful continent of Africa. You may not have realized, but there is actually a lot of African inspired dishes being served all over America and the world at large. Central Africa Central Africa has, for the most part, stuck to their culinary roots. … Read more

A competent gas equipment company should do gas repair

People always want the gas heating system that they install must function continuously without any hassles afterwards. There are plenty of different gases heating devices installed at various residential and commercial places in every locality. As a long term user you must have had the experience of different new gas installations and replacements. Jager Gas … Read more

Bacon Salad

It was already heard countless times how bacon can affect the health badly. Unfortunately for bacon lovers, there are mentions of negative influences of this popular part of breakfast wherever you turn. But like almost everything in the world, nothing is black and white, not even the consumption of bacon. With moderation being the key of … Read more

My Favourite Things To Do With The Humble Potato

One of my all-time favourite ingredients is the humble, but very versatile potato. So many of my favourite dishes include potato! Whether it is a straight up and honest baked potato with melted grated cheese or something a bit more interesting, it is always good to have a few good potato recipes in mind. The … Read more

How to Create the Perfect Mini Barbecue Sliders

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to test out new recipes that would be perfect for any type of summer bash. Sliders are an iconic summer food as they are easy to put together and even easier to eat. Today’s recipe focuses on creating the perfect mini barbecue sliders on toasted buns topped … Read more